GSTR-2 last date being extended as only 20 per cent Tax Payers file Returns till now

With last date of filing of GSTR-2 i.e. 31st October fast approaching and only 20 per cent of Registered Tax payers having filed GSTR-2 Returns by Friday; GST Council is all set to extend the last date of filing of GSTR-2. Even out of 20 per cent who have filed their GSTR-2 Returns till now; majority of these assesses are those who have less than 500 input invoices and are able to take Accept/Reject/Modify/Keep Pending actions online and also able to Add Missing Invoices actions which is more user friendly than through offline tool . Those having more than 500 input invoices are still struggling with filing of GSTR-2 and even ASP/GSP are struggling to cope up with the filing procedure. They are required to take such actions through Offline Tool 2.1 which was released by GSTN only 2 days ago. Since earlier tools had bugs ; a more user friendly tool with facility to import data in Excel was released; but even while uploading GSTR-2 by this Tool some errors are coming and the most common error is “System Error”. Tax Payers are not aware that this error can be rectified only Infosys staff. In case of “System Error” ; the Tax payers are required to seek Online appointment by writing mail to Nodal Officers of GSTN who are immediately sending Video Link for Online appointment with Infosys Staff and “System Error” is being rectified on same day through Video Conferencing by Infosys Staff.

GSTN Officials who are also Nodal Officers are working very hard for immediate resolution of issues and anyone having “System Error” can email them with his GSTIN and mobile number for fixing Online appointment with Infosys Staff. Vice-Presidents of GSTN who are known as Webinar Experts and Trouble Shooters Shashi Bhushan, Rajeev Agarwal, Jagmal Singh, Anirban Bagchi , Karuna Chandila are facilitating Tax Payers by responding to Tax payers within minutes of receiving the emails and are immediately fixing the time of Video Conferencing with Infosys Staff based in Bangalore. In many cases they are themselves resolving the issues as they are aware of nature of “System Errors” being faced by Tax payers. Any Tax Payer having any “System Error” and any other filing issue can mail with their Mobile No. & GSTIN to Nodal Officer of GSTN at their mail id, , , , , and issue will be resolved on same day by fixing online Video Conferencing with Infosys Staff.

Even CEO of GSTN Prakash is burning midnight oil in resolution of grievance of GST Payers. He is online till 2 in night and hardly sleeps for 5 hours and starts checking his mails again at 7 AM. If any tax payer is having difficulty in getting Online appointment with Infosys staff; he can mail to Prakash at who ensures that online appointment is given and issue is resolved. Chairman of GSTN Pandey is also very efficient in resolving the issues and can be mailed at

Senior FinMin Officials responsible for identifying and resolving GST Filing issues Hasmukh Adhia, Yogendra Garg, Upender Gupta and Dheeraj Rastogi are also facilitating Tax payers and resolving the issues at the earliest. Any tax payer having any grievance can mail to, , ,,

Since GST Helpdesk/Helpline is not of much help; is it learnt that the Government has asked GSTN to start process of Online Registration of Grievances on GSTN Portal as complaints have been made by Tax Payers that even complaint no. is not being given on email and phone to Helpline. This will result in better resolution of tracking the status of complaints. Those having difficulty in filing returns even on last date can mail return to to avoid penalty for delayed filing of return as return sent by email will also be deemed online filing under the law in case Network is not working and if it return is in offline Tool 2.1 even GSTN/Infosys can upload against GSTIN if mandate for uploading return is given to them in email by Tax payers as GST Council has already asked GSTN/Infosys to facilitate tax payers in Filing Process.

If filing of returns and matching of input credit system is not successful; the Government may discontinue with the existing complicated process which may be deferred till April 2018 and only GSTR3B will continue till March as the system is yet to be made user friendly. The proposal for simplifying the filing process is already on the Table and ultimately there can be only one GST Return in a month. Government is open for suggestions and stupid columns like non-GST and exempted inward supply in GST Returns are going to be deleted. The GST Return form should ask for only the the total of GST Bills raised and GST payable during the month. Stupid idea of posting even 5 Rupee GST invoice on GSTN Portal is not workable and has already led to clogging of Network as no server in world can be expected to take this kind of load and is national wastage of time which can be used in business. There is already a proposal that only those bills where GST involved is above Rs. 10000/- should be posted on GSTN Portal. If this is implemented only 2 per cent of bills will be required to be posted and will result in big relief in compliance for Tax Payers and bigger relief for GSTN. But such move will affect the business of GSP and ASP who have invested lot of money as clients having bulk invoices have signed them as they are unable to file returns on their own. Even Big 4 have become GSP and ASP and have signed contracts for filing of 4 Lakh GST returns and have hired 1000 CAs for compliance of fling for their clients.

Who lobbied for complicated Filing Procedure and who pushed such procedure is known to everyone but ultimately the decision to simplify Filing Procedure has to be taken in public interest and it is matter of days when the entire procedure will be simplified. All those who proposed complicated filing procedures for their own vested interest have already been side lined and now Government is listening to only those who are suggesting simplification of procedures.



  1. Sanjeev k joshi said,

    October 29, 2017 at 7:30 pm

    Gst is good it is temporary difficulties . people. Should co operate govt.and hope govt will do necessary action. I didn’t face any is just Lack of knowledge . This time I am Not able to file gstr 2 for July but hope everything will be ok.

  2. Kunal Hirani said,

    October 29, 2017 at 8:26 pm

    I heard that before implementing GST Infosys told jetliji that they are not ready with the system but still they have implemented and due to this they are facing the heat instead jetliji should resign and t

  3. pritesh said,

    October 29, 2017 at 9:59 pm

    Can d author hint out who must have lobbied for such flimsy processes and make life hell of all taxpayers,ca’s and consultants. Is it state vat department for eg: maharastra sales tax, as they currently have such invoice level matching system which itself did not work well with them.

  4. Vijay Gopal said,

    October 29, 2017 at 10:29 pm

    Although very informative having insight into the GSTN, few issues are raised just in temptation.


    October 29, 2017 at 11:32 pm

    It is good to hear that the people having complicated the filing process are sidelined. Smoothness and easy procedure should be the buzzword today. The move to simplify procedures is welcome. I am sure if properly handled GST might prove a proper source of consistant income to the Governments and may compel the Governments to reduce the burden of other taxes.

  6. Arvind Paul said,

    October 30, 2017 at 1:43 am

    Gst has removed the burden of the so many indirect tax litigation now there. Should be easy method to fill the return so that time and money can be saved which was earlier used to spend on the fee and etc

  7. V.K. Verma said,

    October 30, 2017 at 1:45 pm

    Some more problems: 1. Unless the GSTR-3B is filed online, just submitting the data does not amount to compliance (of filing return) as per law. It may also be noted that no such bar (revision of data before filing) is provided in the relevant GST laws (Act and Rules). It appears to be more of GSTN portal/software related problem. Several returns in GSTR-3B are pending for filing where data is submitted without claiming otherwise available ITC or some other clerical error. 2. Deposit of tax under wrong head is another issue. 3. Returns for each category be prescribed to be quarterly with tax deposition on monthly basis. 4. In case matching of invoices is at all required, a simpler system should be placed.

    These problems needs to be redressed immediately.

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