GSTR3B Return filing date extended to 28th August for TRAN-1 filing

Government has extended the due date for filing of GSTR3B Return to 28th August 2017 for those Tax Payers who want to avail Transitional Credit as the GSTN failed to provide the Online filing of TRAN-1 Form. The taxpayers who want to avail the transitional input tax credit can now calculate their output tax liability for the month of July 2017 after suo moto adjusting the amount of transitional credit available as per Form TRAN-1 to be filed by them.

The TRAN-1 Form will now be available on GSTN Portal from 21st August onwards. GSTN which is a Private Company was facing flak from all quarters after it stated in its Webinar that Transitional Credit will not be allowed in GSTR3B.

For claiming Transitional Credit it is mandatory to file TRAN-1 before filing GSTR3B Return. However, there is no change in the last date of payment of GST for the month of July 2017 which  remains 20th August. The late payment of GST will invite interest at the rate of 18 per cent.

Further, those Taxpayers who do not want to avail Transitional Credit and hence do not opt for filing of TRAN-1; last date for filing GSTR3B is still 20th August.

Government is keeping a close watch on performance of GSTN as it has not yet been able to upload TRAN-1 even after 47 days of launch of GST and has failed to provide the facility of filing of ISD Returns, other Returns, Refund Applications, Appeal  Forms, Advance Ruling Forms and many other filings. Even the option of filing GSTR-1 is not yet available on GSTN Portal. If GSTN is unable to manage the Network and fails to upload all the required forms in next couple of days on Portal; the Government may consider even taking over GSTN. Though GSTN Officials have been very active on TV Channels and Webinars; they have failed to address Open House to reply to Tax Payers Queries. The refunds of Tax payers is blocked as the online process is yet to be initiated by GSTN. The coming days are going to be very hot for GSTN as Exporters’ funds are blocked and any further delay in sanction of their refunds will be due to failure of GSTN in fulfilling its obligation for which it was doled out 2500 Crore. It is high time to focus on the job of uploading all the forms on Portal instead of wasting precious time on TV Channels. If one Software Vendor has failed to do its job in time; there is urgent need to involve other Vendors as Tax payers and Government can no more remain at mercy of Network which is not yet ready.