Vice Chairman of Tribunal to be sacked for corruption, Member resigns

CHANDIGARH. Hon’ble Vice-Chairman of the VAT Tribunal Punjab PS Bajaj (who is an ex-Member of CESTAT Delhi) is set to be sacked after a show-cause notice for alleged misconduct was issued to him and he has failed to reply to the said notice.

  • Member of the VAT Tribunal Kuldip Kumar has already resigned after he was also served a similar notice for alleged misconduct.
  • The inquiry by chairman of Punjab VAT Tribunal Justice M. M. Aggarwal into the conduct of the said Vice-Chairman and Member found both officials guilty of reversing their orders with presumption that the same had been done for “extraneous considerations”.
  • In case Bajaj fails to reply to the charges he is all set to be sacked by the Government. 
  • Bajaj after his retirement as Member of CESTAT in Delhi managed appointment as vice-chairman of the VAT Tribunal.
  • Chairman of VAT Tribunal has directed the Director, Vigilance Bureau, Punjab to take appropriate action against the said guilty officials for causing a loss of about Rs 1 crore to the state exchequer by favouring Shreyans Industries located in Ahmedgarh of District Sangrur by reversing the Order passed against it.

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(Source: Allindiantaxes)


1 Comment

  1. bhim sen said,

    April 7, 2011 at 10:57 am

    These very big officers act as God on earth and treat their sub-ordinate officers/official as there slaves. It is good thing that they stand exposed of their nafarious design. I bow my head before the Presiding Officer of the tribunal who has saved the prestige of the highest institution.

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