ITAT Member arrested by CBI while accepting bribe of Rs 30 Lakh only

Corruption at top level for settling the matters in Tribunal has taken another toll. Hon’ble Accountant Member of Income Tax Appellate Tribunal , Kolkata has been caught red-handed by CBI  while accepting bribe of Rs. 30 lakh from a Kolkata based firm for doing undue favours to the firm in the income-tax matters of various parties represented by the said firm. The accused official and the two private persons who were offering the bribe were arrested by CBI at the residence of the accused official at Nizam Palace, Kolkata .

CBI had received an information that the accused official had negotiated a bribe of Rs. 30 lakh only from the firm, which was to be paid to him at his residence on the instructions of the Proprietor of the firm by one of the arrested persons. A trap was laid by CBI and Hon’ble Accountant Member, ITAT was caught red-handed while accepting the bribe amount from the two private persons. The trio (the bribe taker and the bribe givers) were arrested on the spot by the CBI team and the Proprietor of the firm, on whose instructions the money was to be paid was also arrested subsequently.

(Source: Allindiantaxes)


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